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About Wenger

Welcome To Wenger Australia

As worn by the Swiss Army...
"Wenger Watches are developed to meet the highest military standards", says Peter Hug, President of Wenger International. "We construct our watches with the same devotion to quality and craftsmanship as Wenger manufactures the famous Swiss Army Knife for more than 100 years."

Wenger, maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, has now turned its hand to the other icon of Swiss craftsmanship: the Swiss watch. The result is a collection of watches worthy of the Wenger Swiss Cross emblem that has stood as a benchmark for quality, functionality and precision engineering for over 110 years.

Moving Forward
With new product introductions and an overhaul to the look of the Swiss Army Knife, Wenger continues to look to the future with sleek and modern design innovations.  This includes a collection of timepieces designed to meet the extreme conditions of outdoor Australia.

The Wenger Swiss Army Knife:

Engineering Beyond Expectations

  • Master cutlers since 1893, based in Delemont, Switzerland
  • Official supplier to the Swiss Army since 1908
  • Recognised as one of Switzerland’s premier manufacturers with prestigious 'Crossbow' designation
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturer
  • Every knife hand-QC’d at the factory
  • Innovation, Engineering, Manufacturing
  • Lifetime warranty

Innovative implements

  • Serrated, self-sharpening scissors that will virtually not fail
  • Packlock System – locking, two-stage main blade. The blade stops at 115° before closing to allow the user to clear his/her fingers from point of closure. Lock prevents accidental closure of blade while in use
  • Locking Screwdrivers – flat head and selected Phillips® head screwdrivers retract into the body of the knife to prevent accidental closure
  • Serrated blades
  • Removable tools
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Double cut wood saw
  • Evolution – the next generation Swiss Army Knife that improves grip though ergonomics. The end result is a visually appealing tool that provides more functionality and safety than ever before



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